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Snorkeling for the Whole Family

Snorkeling is an activity that your whole family or group can do together. We all have different skills and abilities, but snorkeling from shore allows some people to stay close to shore. While others can go a bit deeper or farther. The coastline of Georgian Bay in Tobermory is full of little fish for the kids to see and rock formations that will amaze you.

Families and Individuals


Snorkeling is a great way to see the underwater splendors of the Tobermory area. You can grab gear from our new G+S location at 53 Bay Street which is right on the water. Plenty of parking (paid) is nearby.


Once you have gear, you can walk to the Tug site and see some shipwrecks. Or, you can take it to the Grotto or to Flowerpot and see what the waters there have to offer.

The water is so clear, you will swear you can stand on the bottom...but it might be 100ft deep!

Snorkeling is a great group sport.


For your next Children's Club event, Day Camp outing, or School Outers destination, consider coming to Tobermory and going snorkeling. Some clubs have combined camping at the Bruce Peninsula National Park with snorkeling or kayaking at G+S.


Call us for group rates for snorkeling and for more ideas or suggestions.

Rental Equipment

Full Snorkeling set Cost

(per person per day)

Adult:  $35        Under 13yrs:  $25

When you come into the G+S shop, one of our experienced staff can advise you what equipment you need according to the temperature of the water, where you will be snorkeling and your skill level.

Please advise us if you do not know how to swim so G+S can help you have the best experience!

Families and groups ask about our discount.

Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Children must have a life jacket, wetsuit jacket or flotation device. 

Rental Rates per Item

Adult Wetsuit

Child Wetsuit

Mask, Fins, Snorkel




Weight Belt & Weights

Life Jacket Child

Life Jacket Adult










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