We have some used Rascals for sale!  Details are below.  Asking $350. Life Jackets and Safety Kits also available! Contact us now...first come  first served!

G+S Kayaks

G+S Watersports offers you Paluski Kayaks for sale or rent and offers Rascal Kayaks for rent.

  • Generous cockpit opening that allows comfortable paddling in all weather & water conditions

  • Wide and stable hull for easy paddling

  • Sit on top design

  • Weight: 36lbs, Capacity: 200lbs.

  • Unique paddle park attachment

  • Rounded hull allows for easy turning

NOTE:  Transport Canada requires the life jacket provided be worn at all times on the kayaks. Failure to do so may result in multiple Transport Canada fines, fines by G+S, and, more importantly,  DEATH. Please, make sure your adventure is a safe one.

For more information on the regulations for life jackets click here and search for "flotation" to take you to the fines & restrictions.

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